Zaharudin Muhammad

Hukum Bermuamalat Dengan Sumber Yang Haram [article] / Zaharudin Muhammad

This research focusses on Islamic transaction and halal contacts concluded by Islamic finance industry with individuals or companies which deal with prohibited sources of income from Shariah jurisprudence perspective, such as providing house financing based on ijarah contract for employee who are working at liquor factory. In reality, Shariah scholar in Malaysia have various opinions regarding this issue. Based on the strongest evidence, the Islamic finance institutions are allowed to deal with individuals or companies which are having non-halal sources of income, either for general purposes such as car financing, house financing etc or for extending new halal business such as liquor company intending to expand their new business in rice trading. Based on the Shariah argument. it has been practiced since the time of the prophet of Muhammad SAW until today. Meanwhile, the research also shows that dealing with company which has non-halal sources of income is prohibited if the profit are returned to the same company and may result in negative effect to the socioeconomy of the Muslim. This prohibiton is not caused by the prohibition of dealing with non-halal sources itself, but it is caused by external reasons which have negative effects to the socioeconomy of the Muslim.

Islamic transaction.