Psychiatric disorders : methods and protocols / edited by Firas H. Kobeissy. - New York : Humana Press ; Springer, c2012. - xxi, 610 p. : ill. 27 cm. - Methods in molecular biology, 829 1064-3745 ; Springer protocols . - Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) ; v. 829. Springer protocols. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

New frontiers in animal research of psychiatric illness / Arie Kaffman and John J. Krystal -- Experimental psychiatric illness and drug abuse models : from human to animal, an overview / Scott Edwards and George F. Koob -- Qualitative versus quantitative methods in psychiatric research / Mahdi Razafsha ... [et al.] -- Animal models of self-injurious behaviour : an overview / Darragh P. Devine -- Rodent models of adaptive decision making / Alicia Izquierdo and Annabelle M. Belcher -- Animal models of depression and neuroplasticity : assessing drug action in relation to behavior and neurogenesis / Ying Xu ... [et al.] -- Modeling depression in animal models / David H. Overstreet -- Behavioral model for assessing cognitive decline / Michael Guidi and Thomas C. Foster -- The pemoline model of self-injurious behaviour / Darraugh P. Devine -- Modeling risky decision making in rodents / Nicholas W. Simon and Barry Setlow -- Open space anxiety test in rodents : the elevated platform with steep slopes / Abdelkader Ennaceur -- An animal model to study the molecular basis of tardive dyskinesia / Mahendra Bishnoi and Ravneet K. Boparai -- Models of chronic alcohol exposure and dependence / darin J. Knapp and George R. Breese -- Rat models of prenatal and adolescent cannabis exposure / Jennifer A. DiNieri and Yasmin L. Hurd -- Modeling nicotine addiction in rats / Stephanie Caille ... [et al.] -- Animal models of nicotine withdrawal : intracranial self-stimulation and somatic signs of withdrawal / Rayna M. Bauzo and Adrie W. Bruijnzeel -- Methods in drug abuse models : comparison of different models of methamphetamine paradigms / Firas H. Kobeissy ... [et al.] -- Cocaine self-administration in rats : hold-down procedures / Benjamin A. Zimmer and David C.S. Roberts -- Cocaine self-administration in rats : discrete trials procedures / Carson V. Dobrin and David C.S. Roberts -- Cocaine self-administration in rats : threshold procedures / Erik B. Oleson and David C.S. Roberts -- Assessing locomotor-stimulating effects of cocaine in rodents / Drake Morgan ... [et al.] -- Methods in tobacco abuse : proteomic changes following second-hand smoke exposure / Joy Guingab-Cagmat ... [et al.] -- Animal models of sugar and fat bingeing : relationship to food addiction and increased body weight / Nicole M. Avena, Miriam E. Bocarsly, and Bartley G. Hoebel -- Animal models of overeating / Neil E. Rowland -- The activity-based anorexia mouse model / Stephanie J. Klenotich and Stephanie C. Dulawa -- Dissociating behavioral, autonomic, and neuroendocrine effects of androgen steroids in animal models / Amy S. Kohtz and Cheryl A. Frye -- Interleukin-2 and the septohippocampal system : intrinsic actions and autoimmune processes relevant to neuropsychiatric disorders / John M. Petitto ... [et al.] -- Experimental schizophrenia models in rodents established with inflammatory agents and cytokines / Hiroyuki Nawa and Kiyofumi Yamada -- P11 : a potential biomarker for posttraumatic stress disorder / Lei Zhang, Robert J. Ursano, and He Li -- Investigation of age-specific behavioral and proteomic changes in an animal model of chronic ethanol exposure / Antoinette M. Maldonado-Devincci, Stanley M. Stevens Jr., and Cheryl L. Kirstein -- Quantitative peptidomics to measure neuropeptide levels in animal models relevant to psychiatric disorders / Julia S. Gelman ... [et al.] -- ADHD animal model characterization : transcriptomics and proteomics analyses / Yoshinori Masuo, Junko Shibato, and Randeep Rakwal -- Psychiatric disorder biomarker discovery using quantitative proteomics / Michaela D. Filiou and Christoph W. Turck -- Gene profiling of laser-microdissected brain regions and individual cells in drug abuse and schizophrenia research / Pietro Paolo Sanna, Vez Repunte-Canonigo, and Alessandro Guidotti -- Stable isotope labeling with amino acids in cell culture-based proteomic analysis of ethanol-induced protein expression profiles in microglia / Bin Liu, David S. Barber, and Stanley M. Stevens Jr. -- Systems biology in psychiatric research : from complex data sets over wiring diagrams to computer simulations / Felix Tretter and Peter J. Gebicke-Haerter -- Data mining in psychiatric research / Diego Tovar ... [et al.]

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