Respiratory physiology : the essentials / John B. West. - 9th ed. - Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer Health Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2012 - viii, 200 p. : ill.

Includes index.

Structure and function : how the architecture of the lung subserves its function -- Ventilation : how gas gets to the alveoli -- Diffusion : how gas gets across the blood-gas barrier -- Blood flow and metabolism : how the pulmonary circulation removes gas from the lung and alters some metabolites -- Ventilation-perfusion relationships : how matching of gas and blood determines gas exchange -- Gas transport by the blood : how gases are moved to the peripheral tissues -- Mechanics of breathing : how the lung is supported and moved -- Control of ventilation : how gas exchange is regulated -- Respiratory system under stress : how gas exchange is accomplished during exercise, at low and high pressures, and at birth -- Tests of pulmonary function : how respiratory physiology is applied to measure lung function.

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Respiratory Physiological Phenomena